Improve on Microwave Ovens

I wondered a few days ago why I need to press a few buttons to set the time and start the microwave oven every time I put something in it. If I put something in the microwave, majority of the time it’s to either cook it or to defrost it. Instead I would much prefer if the only thing I had to do was to put something in the microwave and press only a single button to start or confirm the microwave’s guess on what I want to do. It’s not black magic, and can be implemented very simply. Below is how my ideal (dream) microwave oven should work.

WAIT until Door Closes

IF there is mass on the turntable
THEN continue
ELSE go back to start

SAMPLE mass on turntable
SAMPLE surface temperature of object

IF temperature close to freezing or below
THEN guess food needs defrosting

IF tempuratues just cool
THEN guess food needs heating until room tempurature

IF tempurature warm or above
THEN guess food needs heating until hot

PROMPT user for confirmation of guess

This way the microwave guesses what you might be wanting to do, and only ask for a confirmation (only a single button press). If the guess is wrong, you can simply operate the microwave oven conventionally.

To implement this, you simply need to add a mechanism under the turntable to measure the mass and several infrared/temp sensors to measure the food’s temperature. A side benefit of this implementation is that you can use the microwave oven the measure the weight/mass of things as well.

Hoping they will have a microwave like this out before my college days are over, a lazy student’s dream microwave oven.