Google IM and Jabber

It seems slashdot along with multiple other sources are reporting the working of google’s Instant Messenger service dubbed “Google IM” based off, which is suppose to use the open source IM protocol Jabber.

I really hope this will boost the Jabber’s populatiry, and personally I am forced to use aim now because everyone else uses aim around me, but in a few months I will be dumping aim completly and hopefully everyone else will too. Also if you have your own webserver, set up a jabber server or obtain a webservice which already has jabber set up for you so you can have your own jabber address which might be desirable than say or or other jabber services.

The second part about Jabber which I like is the ease to develop jabber clients from scratch because of the simplicity of the protocol, compared to AOL’s Instant messenging protocol which has changed a few times already.

You can reach me through jabber via Long live Jabber.

Update Aug 24, 2005

Looks like google officially anounced Google IM or talk or what ever you want to call and released their client. But sadly they have let me down so far, since the service seems to be locked down to only. I tried connecting to my jabber server as well as testing it on a and talk to my but no luck so far. Hopefully they will fix it, or my attitude towards google will be going towards the negative side.