Ascii Art, Xine, and SSH

When you mix these three things, aa xine and ssh, you get the most pointless result ever, the ability to watch movies stored in your computer over a ssh connection in ascii art remotely. Better yet in a secure fasion.

You need a few things, xine first of all along with aa (ascii art library), and of course a ssh daemon (optional). Now compile these up, install them, do what ever else you have to do, just get them working (google up aaxine for more documentation). Time to test it. Go someplace, and ssh into your computer.

aaxine moviefilename

aaxine in action

Actually now that I think about it, there was another way to view movies in the same ascii art way in your console, or through ssh, but my memory is fading away. Unlike aaxine that method required me to specify the curses driver to use and all, plus it had much more control over the conversion from image to ascii art, shame that I can’t remember that method right now, maybe it will come back to me sometime later.